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Outdoor Cactus False Saguaro - Mexican Cardon Cactus - Elephant Cactus Plant , about 6 tall

Outdoor Cactus False Saguaro - Mexican Cardon Cactus - Elephant Cactus Plant , about 6 tall

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🌵 People B Planting 🌵
The Epic cactus! the tallest growing cactus in the world! it can grow in soil or FULL rocks!

after you get the plant, put it in DRY cactus or succlent soil and do not water till 1 – 2 weeks to avoid the risk of rotting the plant.

The Cardon cactus – Pachycereus Pringlei [pak-ee-KER-ee-us] [PRING-lee-eye] is a flowering cactus belonging to the cactus family Cactaceae.

It’s the tallest cactus in the world and native to Northwestern Mexico in the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonoran Desert of Sonora, and Southern Arizona.

🌵Size And Growth
Pachycereus pringlei s is the tallest growing cactus in the world with a growth capacity of a staggering 63’ feet with a trunk diameter of 39″ inches. But the tallest cactus ever measured was an armless Saguaro cactus. Your Mexican Giant Cardon cactus has a slow growth rate, and the size of the plant will vary depending on the age. When the plant reaches maturity, it will grow flowers about 3” inches long.

🌸Flowering And Fragrance
Elephant cactus blooms during the spring once it reaches maturity. The white flowers and around 3” inches long. The hair growing from the areole conceals the base of the flowers. The plant will grow spiny fruit high in pectin – a substance used to make jellies. In the past, Seri used the fruit for food, to make walls, and rituals.

🌞Light And Temperature
Because these plants grow best in desert conditions, make sure they get enough sun and heat. When growing them indoors, place them next to a window that gets plenty of bright light. If planting outside in full sun be sure to make the transition slowly, so your plant gets time to acclimatize to the sunlight. Younger plants should be grown in filtered light, move them outside once they are matured. The ideal temperature for Pachycereus pringlei is above 32° degrees Fahrenheit (0° C). There minimum cold USDA hardiness zone is -9a 25° degrees Fahrenheit (-4° C).

💧Watering And Feeding
This is a drought tolerant plant with low watering requirements.
You should water it moderately until it’s well established. After that, this plant can survive on much less water
Refrain from overwatering your plant as too much water can cause irreversible damage.
The Mexican Giant Cardon does not have a great need for fertilizer.
However, feed it with a cactus fertilizer from time to time if you feel like your plant needs a boost.

🌵Soil And Transplanting
This giant cactus can grow even in the absence of soil.
Its unique symbiotic relationship with bacteria means it can gain nutrients from the rocks and carry them on to the plants. As such, soil may not be necessary to grow your Pachycereus cactus. However, if you want to use soil, any well-draining cactus potting soil will do. Repotting your Pachycereus is essential to keep it growing. If you never repot your plant, it may stop growing. It’s best to repot every 3 – 4 years, right at the end of winter. This will give your plant a chance to recover before the growing season begins but it’s ok to transplant your cactus at any time of the year.

Once you’ve transplanted your cactus, wait for 1 – 2 weeks before you water it to avoid the risk of rotting the plant. Make sure to do the same when you get these plants from us!! Plat in dry soil then after 1-2weeks water.


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