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We hold immense pride in the plants we send directly from our greenhouse to your doorstep. Our extensive experience ensures that we encounter fewer than 3% of problems each week with our deliveries. In most cases, these issues arise from shipping carriers mishandling or failing to deliver packages on schedule. While it's highly improbable that you'll face any problems with your plant, rest assured that we will rectify any issues should they occur.

The following terms apply to any products you have purchased from us.


Refunds & Cancellations

Once a purchase has been shipped, it becomes final.
You have the option to cancel your order at any time before it is shipped by contacting us. We will send you an email notification on the day your purchase is shipped.

Lost Plants

Occasionally, a shipping carrier may misplace a plant. If this occurs and your plant does not arrive, please inform us of the missing plant. We will work with the carrier to resolve the issue, and if the plant is indeed lost, we will provide a refund or send a replacement at no cost.
If your plant is lost, please follow the instructions below for "Opening a Claim."


Damage, Pests & Disease

Plants that arrive with pests, disease, or suffer damage during shipment will be subject to a refund or replacement, at our sole discretion, free of charge.
If your plant encounters an issue, it's crucial to contact us as soon as possible. We can only address problems reported within 4 days of delivery.
Please consult the "Opening a Claim" instructions below if your plant experiences any issues.
Please Note: Claims for cold weather damage can only be honored if you have purchased Winter Insurance for your order.

Opening a Claim

When reaching out to us regarding any concerns, please provide the following information:

The email address used for your purchase.
The name of the affected plant.
If your claim pertains to damage, pests, or disease:
Attach a top-down photo of the plant.
Attach close-up photos highlighting the issue itself.

PeopleBPlanting Claims Procedure

Upon receiving the information you provide, we typically conduct a review within 2-3 business day.
There may be instances where we request additional information or photos to aid in our assessment. We kindly ask that you respond to these requests within 48 hours.
If we determine that the plant has encountered an issue, such as damage, pests, disease, or if it was lost during shipment, we will initiate a refund or replacement at no cost to you. (Please be aware that we can only honor claims related to cold weather damage if you purchased Winter Insurance for your order.)
In rare circumstances, we may be unable to issue refunds or replacements due to issues arising from neglect (or cold weather damage if you did not acquire Winter Insurance). Be assured, if your plant requires special care, one of our experienced growers will be available to guide you through the necessary steps to restore its well-being.

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