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Fuzzy Silver Torch - Cleistocactus Strausii Cactus - Fuzzy Wooly Torch - Old Man Cactus - Baby Size Few Inches

Fuzzy Silver Torch - Cleistocactus Strausii Cactus - Fuzzy Wooly Torch - Old Man Cactus - Baby Size Few Inches

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Fuzzy Silver Torch - Cleistocactus Strausii Cactus - Fuzzy Wooly Torch - Old Man Cactus - Baby Size Few Inches

🌵YOU will get 1 Sliver Touch Cactus which will be a few inches a smallish baby that will grow before your eyes
📦Will be shipped with care and good packaging. the plant will be shipped dry bare root to protect them, they arrive ready to plant make sure and plant within 24hrs.
📈This size in 2-3years will be BIG and bring so much joy and love while making your space even better. (Grows 1-2feet a year!)
🏠Like many cactus it does well outside and indoors turn it every 5 months if inside.
🗺I am Stephen and we are from Dallas Texas Area where your package is shipped from. (Middle of the country so most get it fast)
📅All plants are Ship Monday Tuesday & Wednesday
📦All plants are inspected for good health before they are shipped out. Well packed and properly protected.
🤏Easy Care Low to High Light , low water needs every 2 weeks more when in smaller pots and more light, cut back to 1 time a month in winter as its dormat.

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The African milk tree (Euphorbia trigona) is native to Central Africa. It is often grown as a hedge there, useful for its rapid and enthusiastic growth, though its roots are not invasive. Though it looks a lot like a cactus, it is actually a succulent plant. It has many folk names, including candelabra cactus, cathedral cactus, friendship cactus, good luck plant. or good luck cactus (the good luck attribution is probably due to how quickly it grows, and how easily it propagates). It stays lush and green throughout its growing season, and new growth has a lighter green color than the base plant.

About Silver Torch Cactus

Silver Torch cacti belong to the Cactaceae family of succulents.
These unique-looking plants are native to the high mountain regions of Argentina and Bolivia.
The botanical name of this plant is Cleistocactus Strausii. Besides Silver Torch Cactus, it has plenty of other names, including Wooly Torch, Snow Pole, and Silver Torch.
Silver Torch Cacti make attractive landscape plants but they can also be grown in containers especially if you want some diversity and height.
If you grow Silver Torch cacti outdoors, expect them to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators with the red/burgundy flowers they produce.
Like all desert cacti and succulents, the Silver Torch Cactus loves sunny spots and thrives in as much full sunlight as it can get. In fact, if the plant doesn’t get enough sunlight for several hours every day, it will not bloom. So whether you grow your Cleistocactus indoors or outdoors, make sure you place it in a very sunny spot.
When it comes to watering, Silver Torch Cactus has pretty much the same needs as most succulents. It doesn’t like wet feet, can die if overwatered, and needs well-draining soil that allows excess water to get through it.
Silver Torch Cacti are drought-tolerant and will forgive you if you forget to water them for short periods of time. Yet, they can die if you provide them with more water than they need.
Cleistocactus prefers normal room temperatures during its active growth period. Yet, when it stops growing during the winter, it prefers lower temperatures at around 50-59°F (10-15°C). If during its resting period, the temperatures are too high, it will try to continue growing, but without enough light, chances are it will become laggy and unhealthy.
Silver Torch Cacti can benefit from moderate feeding at the start of the growth period as the nutrients will help them grow happy and healthy and produce lots of beautiful flowers. You can put some long-term slow fertilizer onto the surface soil in the pot.
Silver Torch Cactus plants are most susceptible to mealybugs and spider mites, the most common pests of cacti and succulents. To get rid of these pests, you can simply use medical alcohol. Use a moistened cotton wool to carefully wipe the stems of your Cleistocactus and to remove all the unwanted guests.
Silver Torch Cacti are not toxic to humans or pets. Yet, their spines may be irritating to the skin. We recommend using gloves when handling or planting a Silver Torch Cactus. If you accidentally touch the cactus without gloves, you can easily remove the spines with a band-aid or with other types of sticky tape.


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