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Baby Bunny Bellies Inch Plant - unique houseplant trailing stems tear-drop-shaped fuzzy Cyanotis beddomei NOW with FREE Bonus Plant GIFT

Baby Bunny Bellies Inch Plant - unique houseplant trailing stems tear-drop-shaped fuzzy Cyanotis beddomei NOW with FREE Bonus Plant GIFT

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Baby Bunny Bellies Inch Plant
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🐻🌱 Baby Bunny Bellies Inch Plant 🐻🌱
Tropical Cactus, YES its a thing!

Info Breakdown
-Tropical Cactus looks more like houseplant/succulent
-Not a fast grower
-Hairy cactus unlike no other
-Can be indoor or outdoor cactus
-Prefers dryer soil and less watering
Adds happiness to space

Baby Bunny Bellies

The much loved Teddy bear vine is HERE!, this plant is featuring a unique look that makes it a great houseplant. It can have spreading or trailing stems decorated featuring uncommon in the plant world tear-drop-shaped fuzzy chocolate-brown plant leaves. This soft textured plant gets its name from its look and feel, teddy bear vine.

You can grow teddy bear vine in a medium or a bright spot where it will do well with indirect sunlight. It does well in windows or around window light and can be a great office plant because it likes indoor fluorescent lights. You do not want it getting too much sun from the window as afternoon heat can hurt it by burning its foliage. Grow it in shade outside, or inside with filtered light you can even grow teddy bear vine well under plant lights, and under regular fluorescent lights, which makes this plant a great home or office plant.

💧When it comes to watering the teddy bear vine do so when the top inch about is dry, if you are unsure if you should water then make sure you keep it more to the dry side then to the wet side. Better to have this plant a little to dry then a little to wet.

🌱You can use nutrition to make it grow faster if you fertilize make sure to use a houseplant fertilizer.

✂Pruning a Teddy bear vine is mostly not needed but you can trim anytime stems get too long for how you want them.

There is benefits of having this relatively slow growing plant one is you do not really trim for overgrowth much because it is a slower grower. So it will not grow out of bounds much.


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