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Anthurium sp. Limon exclusive and uncommon variety of Anthurium

Anthurium sp. Limon exclusive and uncommon variety of Anthurium

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Introducing Anthurium sp. Limon, an exclusive and uncommon variety of Anthurium that captures attention with its vibrant lime-colored, corrugated leaves and distinctive climbing growth habit. To help this captivating plant flourish, providing it with the right support is essential.

For optimal growth, we recommend attaching Anthurium sp. Limon to a sturdy moss pole. This will not only give it the necessary support as it climbs, but also encourage its natural growth tendencies, allowing it to showcase its unique foliage to its full potential.

This particular specimen is a rooted, single-leaf top cut with an active growth point, making it poised for healthy development. Currently, it thrives in a carefully crafted mix of tree fern fiber and coarse perlite, ensuring adequate aeration and drainage for its roots to flourish.

To further enhance its growth and maintain its splendid appearance, we've provided the plant with ample light from 15-watt grow lights. With this ideal lighting setup, Anthurium sp. Limon can thrive even in indoor environments where natural sunlight might be limited.

One of the many virtues of Anthurium sp. Limon is its adaptability to various humidity levels. Based on our experience, it is not excessively demanding in terms of humidity and can readily acclimate to the ambient conditions typically found in most homes.

By offering Anthurium sp. Limon the proper support, a balanced mix of nutrients, and an environment that mimics its native tropical habitat, you can look forward to witnessing this extraordinary plant flourish and become a stunning focal point in your indoor garden.


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