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Skeleton Key Pothos Epipremnum Pinnatum, Rare Pothos that when mature looks like a Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key Pothos Epipremnum Pinnatum, Rare Pothos that when mature looks like a Skeleton Key

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Getting to know Prepare to Skeleton Key Pothos Epipremnum Pinnatum and get ready to be amazed by the jaw-dropping leaf shape transformation of this extraordinary Epipremnum cultivar as it matures!

Enter the realm of botanical intrigue, where the common name "Pothos" gives way to the scientific grandeur of Epipremnum. These marvels of nature, often seen cascading as hanging vines, are not your ordinary houseplants – they are climbing epiphytes that wield the power to undergo awe-inspiring metamorphoses in leaf size and structure as they advance in age.

Bask not in the harsh glare of the sun's rays, for these exceptional Epipremnums deserve a more refined illumination. While their intrepid relatives may dare to tread in full sunlight, our Epipremnum champions have been meticulously reared under the nurturing embrace of shaded, greenhouse canopies.

Behold the resilient spirits of the plant kingdom! Epipremnums, known for their tenacity, boldly venture forth into an array of environments, displaying their remarkable hardiness. Yet, for those who wish to witness the pinnacle of their growth potential, heed the call of elevated humidity levels, and watch as they flourish in magnificence.

Unleash the latent splendor of maturation! Gift these botanical wonders with the means to ascend to new heights – the mighty moss pole or a regal wooden board. But heed this vital decree: saturate the climbing apparatus, for it is through this moisture-laden path that aerial roots shall take hold, propelling these phenomenal climbers to ascendancy beyond compare.


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