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Pothos Starter Rooted Plants Collection Options Epipremnum aureum Pothos Healthy Growing Plants

Pothos Starter Rooted Plants Collection Options Epipremnum aureum Pothos Healthy Growing Plants

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🌱 Pothos Rooted Starter Plants, All Growing all healthy Plant Options 🌱

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Also comes with some basic info on how to care for cuttings. 

One of the most popular plants with many types of more uncommon or rare types! 

Info Breakdown
-All the best Pothos!
-Most are very easy care!
-Most grow GREAT in most homes in north America. 
-Some VERY Rare!
-Get the ones and sizes you want.
-Best prices around
-Most are easy care
-Some are low light high light and med light needs
-Add some love to your place!
Adds happiness to space

1 Golden
1 Marble Queen
1 Neon
1 Silver Satin cut..
1 Cebu Blue
1 N-Joy Pothos
1 Manjula Pothos
1 Blue Baltic
1 Snow Queen
1 Pears & Jade
1 Neon Variegated
1 Rio
1 Gabby
1 Shangri La

🌱 Golden Pothos, Silver Satin Pothos, Cebu Blue Pothos, N-Joy Pothos, Marble Queen Pothos, Neon Pothos, Global Green Emerald Pothos

🌱 Golden Pothos
It options simple mid-green foliage splashed with creamy gold. If you want to grow this extra long then, it provides it several lightweight and heat.

🌱 Silver Satin Pothos
The silver vascular plant pothos is native to the tropical rainforests of Asia. This plant alludes to the variegation of silver dabs and blotches on the matte green foliage. The long stems will mature to three-meter long, and that they grow heart-shaped leaves. This pothos plant will build wonderful potted plants with bushy foliage.

🌱 Cebu Blue Pothos
You’ll expect the leaves to achieve around four inches long. They are doing need time to mature. Therefore you’ll need to be patient. Once mature, Cebu Blue’s leaves take a green hue with sure zig-zag divisions rising to the leaves’ middle section. Cebu Blue is additionally quite a natural climber.

🌱 N-Joy Pothos
The Pothos N-joy is one plant that will grow tall, up to ten feet. All plant components contain Ca(calcium) salt crystals, an annoyance to the mouth and gullet. And this can be harmful to cats and dogs.

🌱 Marble Queen Pothos
This plant is a well-liked plant within the hardy pothos family. The Marble Queen is straightforward and unexacting.
It options inexperienced unsubdivided leaves heavily splashed and streaked with creamy white.

🌱 Neon Pothos

🌱 Pearls And Jade Pothos
The white sections of the foliage are usually patterned with green and silvery gray tones. Pearls and Jade pothos tend to possess smaller leaves than many other varieties and tend to grow slowly.

🌱 Global Green Emerald Pothos


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