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Old Lady Cactus - Mammillaria Hahniana - Round Ball Hairy Female Old Lady Cactus/Cacti From Mexico

Old Lady Cactus - Mammillaria Hahniana - Round Ball Hairy Female Old Lady Cactus/Cacti From Mexico

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Old Lady Cactus/Cacti - Mammillaria Hahniana
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Old Lady Cactus Plant Info
-How it goes it totally one of a kind
-Amazing outdoor plant
-Produces lots of babies/offsets
-Creates a round ball like look
Adds happiness to any space

Basic Care Info for Old Lady Cacti:
Place the plant in full sun to partial shade and plant outdoors where there is some protection from western sun, which can cause sun scald. These cacti need four to six hours of bright light to thrive. In order to promote the old lady cactus flower, provide a slightly cool area in winter.

How to make Old Lady Cactus Bloom:
A window location is typically a bit cooler than the rest of the room, and this cool temperature during the winter months is necessary to spur Mammillaria to bloom during the growing season. In the spring and the summertime, vary the location to provide your cactus the most light and heat.In cactus terms this plant flowers for a pretty long time about a week per flower in most instances, these cacti will hold their flowers for about one week. The buds these plants produce arrive in the previous season and last through the winter. The flowers will then open during the summer months.

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Old Lady Cactus - Mammillaria Hahniana - Great round Ball Hairy Female Old Lady Cactus/Cacti From Mexico


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