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Hemizygia ‘Candy Kisses’ Candy Plant Sweedish Ivy Eye-Catching Ornamental Shrub

Hemizygia ‘Candy Kisses’ Candy Plant Sweedish Ivy Eye-Catching Ornamental Shrub

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Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses': A Sweet Addition to Your Garden

Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses,' commonly known as Candy Kisses or simply Candy Plant, is a delightful and eye-catching ornamental shrub that can add a touch of sweetness to any garden landscape. This evergreen shrub is known for its stunning foliage, compact growth habit, and low maintenance requirements, making it a popular choice among garden enthusiasts. Let's take a closer look at the captivating Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses' and discover why it's a must-have plant for your outdoor space.

 Starter plant is about 2-3inch plant pot size 

Appearance and Features:

Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses' is a compact, bushy shrub that typically grows to a height of about 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 cm) and spreads to a similar width. Its striking foliage is the star of the show, boasting variegated leaves with a remarkable blend of colors. The lance-shaped leaves are a rich, glossy green with a distinctive creamy-white margin. This combination creates a visually pleasing contrast that resembles a candy cane, hence the name 'Candy Kisses.'

During the growing season, this shrub produces small, inconspicuous flowers that are not particularly showy. However, it's the foliage that steals the spotlight, making Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses' an ideal choice for those looking to add year-round interest to their garden.

Cultivation and Care:

Candy Kisses is a low-maintenance plant, making it suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners. Here are some tips on cultivating and caring for this charming shrub:

Location: Plant Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses' in a location that receives partial to full sun. While it can tolerate some shade, the best foliage coloration occurs in brighter light.

Soil: Ensure well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Good drainage is crucial to prevent root rot.

Watering: Water your Candy Kisses regularly during its growing season, keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Once established, it is somewhat drought-tolerant.

Pruning: Prune the shrub to maintain its shape and encourage bushier growth. You can also trim it to the desired size, making it suitable for both ground cover and container gardening.

Fertilization: Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the spring to promote healthy growth and vibrant foliage.

Pests and Diseases: Candy Kisses is generally resistant to most pests and diseases, but keep an eye out for aphids and spider mites, which can occasionally be a problem.

Landscape Uses:

Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses' offers a myriad of landscape possibilities. Here are some popular uses for this charming shrub:

Borders and Edging: Its compact growth habit and colorful foliage make it an excellent choice for edging pathways or lining garden borders.

Containers: Candy Kisses looks stunning when potted in decorative containers, providing an attractive focal point on patios or balconies.

Mixed Plantings: Combine it with other evergreen shrubs, perennials, or annuals to create a visually appealing garden bed.

Ground Cover: When planted in mass, it can serve as a ground cover, forming a lush carpet of variegated foliage.

Accent Plant: Use it as a striking accent plant in your garden to draw attention to specific areas or features.

In conclusion, Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses' is a versatile and visually captivating shrub that can elevate the aesthetics of any garden or outdoor space. Its delightful candy-striped foliage, easy maintenance, and adaptability make it an excellent addition for both amateur and seasoned gardeners alike. If you're looking to add a touch of sweetness and charm to your landscape, consider planting Candy Kisses and watch it thrive with minimal effort, bringing joy to your garden year-round.


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