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Black Self Watering Plant Pots sub-irrigation selfwatering pots

Black Self Watering Plant Pots sub-irrigation selfwatering pots

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Amazing self watering plant pots great for most all plant types! 


Bottom water to help your plants grow better

Bottom watering, also known as sub-irrigation, can be a beneficial watering technique for most plants, especially certain houseplants and seedlings. Here are five reasons why bottom watering is often considered a good choice:

Even Moisture Distribution: Bottom watering allows water to be absorbed from the roots upward, ensuring a more even distribution of moisture throughout the root system. This helps prevent overwatering or underwatering specific areas of the soil.

Reduced Risk of Disease: Watering from the bottom reduces the likelihood of water splashing onto the leaves, which can lead to fungal and bacterial diseases. It keeps the foliage dry, decreasing the risk of plant diseases.

Encourages Healthy Root Growth: Bottom watering encourages roots to grow downward and reach deeper into the soil. This promotes a stronger and more extensive root system, which can lead to healthier and more robust plants.

Prevents Waterlogging: When you water from the top, excess water can accumulate on the surface and may not drain properly. Bottom watering allows plants to take up the water they need while preventing waterlogged soil, which can suffocate roots and lead to root rot.

Saves Water: Bottom watering is generally more efficient because it reduces water wastage due to evaporation and runoff. This can be particularly important in regions with water scarcity or for environmentally conscious gardeners.

However, it's worth noting that not all plants benefit from bottom watering, and some may prefer traditional top watering methods. The suitability of bottom watering depends on the specific needs of the plant, the type of soil it's planted in, and the container or garden setup. Always consider the requirements of your plants and adjust your watering technique accordingly.



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