Valentine's Day Plant Poem

Valentine's Day Plant Poem
Roses may wilt and chocolates may fade,
But my love for you will always remain,
Like the prickly cactus, tough and unafraid,
Standing strong through life's scorching rain.

Just as the cactus stores its own sweet dew,
So does my heart hold the love I have for you.
And like the cactus blooms with vibrant hues,
My love for you will forever renew.

Oh how I long to be like a succulent,
With roots deep and strong, to you I am sent,
To be your companion, your love, your content,
In your life, I will forever be present.

And when we're old and gray, hand in hand,
We'll sit and watch our garden grow,
With cacti and succulents, so bold and grand,
Reflecting the love that we both know.

So here's a valentine, filled with love and care,
From a cactus and succulent, they may be rare,
But they'll always be here, showing how much I care,
For the love of my life, my Valentine so fair.
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